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Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal by a light-based device works by using pulsating, laser energy to target melanin, the pigment in hair. It sends the energy directly into the hair follicle, effectively destroying the active follicles, but not the inactive ones. This is why multiple sessions are necessary--to destroy all the unwanted hair, as hair grows in cycles. In the Candela laser lineup, the lasers that are used most for hair removal are the GentleLASE and GentleYAG. Both are long-pulsing lasers that protect the skin with the Dynamic Cooling Device. But the GentleYAG is said to work especially well on darker skin tones.
Upper Lip
The upper lip is a small area, and therefore takes less time for the laser to treat. Usually just a few minutes of laser-time. Those who have fair skin and dark hair may be the best candidates for this laser facial hair removal procedure; the basic rule is that the hair should be darker than the skin in order to produce the best results. 

Some women have unwanted facial hair on the chin area. The chin, like the upper lip, is a smaller area that will usually take less time to treat, depending on the number of hairs that are to be removed. Some irritation and redness may occur afterwards, but in general, laser facial hair removal of this area is a fairly direct, uncomplicated, and common process.

Bikini, Brazilian Bikini
Laser hair removal of the bikini line or pubic area is a fairly quick process, taking 15 to 30 minutes per session. This area of the body may require four to eight laser treatments in order to become smooth and hairless. As a more naked or "bare" look becomes more popular, so does the demand for laser hair removal of the bikini area. 

Chest (male), Abdomen (male)
Thick or excessive chest hair can be embarrassing for men; they may have unwanted hair peeking out of the neck of their shirt, or they may be uncomfortable removing their shirt in public. Tweezing or waxing can be impractical for this area, as the hair will grow back quickly and there will be stubble. Laser hair removal of the chest area may take four to six treatments to remove completely, each treatment lasting approximately one hour. Laser hair removal may not be permanent, but the chest will be smoother for a longer time than with any other hair removal method. 

Full Back
A back with excessive hair can be a major source of embarrassment for some men. Laser hair removal of the back is often the best answer for this difficult-to-reach area of the body. Instead of asking someone else to shave the area, for instance, laser hair removal treatments can remove back hair in a series of appointments. Each single treatment lasts approximately one hour, and treatment will be complete after five to eight sessions. 

Upper Legs
Shaving is a popular method of hair removal for legs, but it must be repeated daily or near-daily. Waxing is another solution, but it also must be repeated frequently and can be painful. Laser hair removal of the legs is a more permanent solution. Each session takes approximately one hour for both legs; and four to eight sessions of laser hair removal will render your legs free of hair. 

The underarms are areas that are often shaved daily. The monotony of daily shaving and the stubble that comes in shortly after can make women or men desire a more permanent hair removal alternative. Laser hair removal is a good solution, and because the surface area is small, the laser treatments are completed in very little time. 

Areola (nipples)
Men and women may have hair growth on their breasts that they would like to remove permanently. Laser body hair removal can address these hairs and may provide a permanent solution for this problem, eliminating embarrassment. 

Forearms, Full Arms
Some people have thick hair growth on their arms that they find excessive. Shaving and waxing may be impractical for these areas, as the person will probably dislike the accompanying stubble. Laser hair removal can provide an answer when a person wishes to thin down the hair on their arms or to remove it entirely.

Laser Hair Removal Benefits
The appeal of laser hair removal stems from its effectiveness, efficiency, and convenience. Laser hair removal can easily treat large areas of hair growth in a relatively short amount of time. For example, an entire back can be treated through laser hair removal and optimum results can be achieved in as little as an hour.
Laser Hair Removal Cost and Time Saving
The treatment is much more efficient than shaving or tweezing on a regular basis. While at-home self-treatment may be cheaper, it also takes much more time and effort to remove hair than it does with laser hair removal. Also, tweezing and shaving do not offer permanent reduction results like laser hair removal does.
Laser Hair Removal Versus Other Treatments
Laser hair removal also makes it possible to achieve satisfying results without the pain associated with other types of treatments like waxing. While people who undergo waxing often describe the treatment as repeated burning sensations, laser hair removal involves only minor discomfort. Lastly, laser hair removal provides excellent results with less risk of skin irritation than the use of depilatories, or hair removal creams. The main active chemical in depilatory creams can actually melt away skin cells, causing mild to severe skin irritation. And, while hair removal creams can provide good results, they are only temporary. 

Guidelines For Hair Removal

    1. No shaving 48 hours prior to your appointment
    2. No tweezing, waxing or plucking for 6 weeks prior to your appointment
    3. Treatment area must be free of make-up, lotion, deodorant, ointments. "Squeaky clean"
    4. Must wait 6 weeks after unprotected sun exposure/tanning before treatment and NO TANNING during treatment at all. "PIGMENT IS PIGMENT AND THIS LASER SEES PIGMENT"
  1. Must wear sunscreen of at least 30 spf after treatment and during the course of treatments
  2. Hair will start to shed at around 2 weeks post treatment. NO tweezing, plucking or waxing. May shave or use washcloth to exfoliate the hairs.
  3. May reapply deodorant, make up after treatment.
  4. No tanning during treatments!
  5. May use cool compress post treatment for comfort
  6. Redness may last 2-5 hours up to several days