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Radiesse Filler

If you aren't ready to grow old gracefully, treatment with RADIESSE wrinkle filler can bring back your own natural collagen and restore facial volume, with results that may last a year or more in many patients. To learn how RADIESSE wrinkle filler can address your specific concerns.
A Naturally Stimulating Option
When you make the choice to restore facial volume and rejuvenate your appearance, choose beautiful and natural results that last. RADIESSE wrinkle filler delivers immediate, natural-looking volume and stimulates your body to produce new collagen for a youthful appearance that is long-lasting. In many patients, RADIESSE wrinkle filler benefits may last a year or more without costly and time consuming touch-ups.
RADIESSE Wrinkle Filler - How It Works
Healthy young skin contains collagen that gives it volume, flexibility and strength. As part of the aging process, your own natural collagen breaks down, diminishing facial volume. This loss of elasticity and volume results in the wrinkles, facial lines and skin laxity that rob your skin of its youthful appearance
Welcome Back Your Own Natural Collagen
The ideal way to achieve wrinkle reduction is by replenishing lost volume. With RADIESSE® wrinkle filler, you welcome back your own natural collagen to smooth out the signs of aging. That's because RADIESSE wrinkle filler's unique formulation stimulates collagenesis the production of new collagen which results in increased volume for natural looking wrinkle correction that may last a year or more in many patients. It's also why more and more cosmetic surgeons, estheticians, and other medical professionals are choosing RADIESSE wrinkle filler for long-lasting facial rejuvenation.
The RADIESSE wrinkle filler difference:
  1. Stimulates the body's own natural collagen production
  2. Instantly corrects wrinkles
  3. Results that may last a year or more in many patients
  4. Now FDA approved to enhance patient comfort with lidocaine mixing
In just one syringe, many patients can achieve long-lasting youthful results. And now you can ask your provider about the RADIESSE treatment option that significantly improves comfort. Because treatment with RADIESSE wrinkle filler is simple, quick, comfortable and convenient, with immediately visible results that last, more and more people are discovering that it is the natural choice for maintaining a more youthful appearance.